How to retrieve a session to get session properties?

How do i get current session information?

i know as a client i can search for session with find session node that ouput a session object so i can get information with it

but if i am already the host of the session, how i would retrieve session information? i dont see any blueprint node “get session” or something like this

if i need c++ to do it, how would i get it from a blueprint function library? :slight_smile:


I got the same question, did you find the solution?

no solution yet

In your GameInstance class, you can create a function blueprintcallable (if you need for your blueprints) and inside call:

IOnlineSessionPtr Sessions = IOnlineSubsystem::Get()->GetSessionInterface();
FOnlineSessionSettings* CurrentSettings = Sessions->GetSessionSettings(GameSessionName);

This way you can acces to your settings.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

thanks for your answer

Is this possible in blueprints? I need to get around a steam bug where session player count is not updated.

Would also like to know this

I also need to get the current session in blueprint, anyone found out how?