How to retarget UE5 Manny and Quinn pose assets to nearly identical skeleton

I was trying to take the UE5 Manny/Quinn mesh, which is also very similar to the metahuman mesh.

I have a nearly identical version of the skeleton with some slightly different bones to suit my game’s needs.

I’m looking to retarget all of Manny/Quinn, including those procedural pose assets to my new skeleton, but the poses don’t seem to retarget.

When I try upping the pose weight to 1, the body parts don’t change at all. However, in the original skeleton, I can see upping the pose weight to 1 moves the body parts and has the associated corrective bones move too.

Normal animation retargeting works. Also I probably need to add all the corrective bones to the retarget rigs as well so those get brought over in the retarget.

Hello, take a look to:

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This one is slightly different. I actually have had success with normal animation retargetting. But pose assets are what fail to retarget. There pretty much no effect

I have the original manny/Quinn skeleton and a slightly modified version that I updated on maya to add and remove a few ik and other bones. It should easily transfer animations over 1 to 1 between the two skeletons since they’re identical otherwise.

Alternatively it’d be great if there was a way to just remove and add bones to a skeleton in engine without exporting to fbx and exporting back out of maya.

I actually figured out there’s an issue with the animation sequence that the pose assets are based on. For example Manny_thigh_l_pose is based on Manny_thigh_l_anim.

However, Manny_thigh_l_anim doesn’t have any data. If I wipe the pose asset’s reference to the original animation and reset it back, the resulting pose asset has no poses.

If you open a metahuman skeleton and look at its poses, the original animation assets have all of the poses that the pose asset gets based on.

This is an issue with the Manny/Quinn assets that come with the third person demo.

This seems to be an issue with Lyra as well. Though in Lyra, a few anim sequences do have data somehow.

Any Epic employees able to take a look?