How to retarget FPP arm animation to a full TPP body mannequin ?

Hi everyone, I’m sorry to ask this kind of question that seems really simple, but I can’t find a way to retarget properly FPP arms animations to an entire mannequin body (True FPS) . I’ve bought this pack from the marketplace : SciFi Machinegun AK4 in Weapons - UE Marketplace

But when I retarget, the placement of the arms makes no sense. Is someone here already encounter that type of problem or already have retarget FPP animations to a full body ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I was lookig for the exact same thing today and found an tutorial:Updated Unreal how to retarget first person arms and third person skeleton correctly - YouTube
But as you see there, it is not so easy as you might think and more important, the outcome is perhaps not exactly what you think. The problem is, which is displayed at the end of the video, that FPS/FFP animations are not really compatible with Full body (TPS /TPP or True FPS). If some has a fine solution for that, please let us know.

Goal should be clear: Use FPS/FFP Animations from assets from marketplace also for full-body character meshes.