How to resume interrupted download?

while downloading UE4.3 i faced a power failure.the download was almost done but when i start the launcher again it started from the beginning.
is there any way to make use of all the files that already downloaded and avoid downloading the whole engine again

Hi kimkimkoo,

I think maybe that the launcher did not get chance to flush some resume data to disk before the power failure. There is a workaround I have tried in a simple End-Task repro and seems to work for me :), you can try this, it is assuming that you installed to the default location so please adjust the command in Step 3 accordingly if you installed elsewhere. You should be able to navigate in windows explorer to find the 4.3 folder next to the Launcher folder

  1. Make sure that the Launcher is not running
  2. Press WinKey+R
  3. In the box, paste the following then press OK
    cmd /c echo > "C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.3\$movedMarker" <\br>
    This will create a marker file to tell the installer to continue from a previous stage
  4. Run the Unreal Engine Launcher and try to install the 4.3 preview again
  5. You should see an “Installing” stage followed by “Verifying” stage.
  6. The install will then restart and only download any data that was corrupt or missing.

Let me know how you get on! If the installer starts immediately with “Downloading” it’s not quite right, check the folder location in step 3 and repeat.

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thank you for the answer.
i did not have the chance to try this workaround because i already re-downloaded the engine.
but i think this answer will be helpful in similar cases for me or anyone else

I did that now MY PERCENTAGE BAR IS 5% hahahah but It don`t start again from “verifying” It still starts from beginning.