How to restrict character movement?

Hello, I am very new to unreal and am trying to implement a game mechanic. I want to tie two actors together with a floating cable component. The cable is a part of the Character 1 model, and the Character 2 model is spawned from Character 1’s code. Once spawned the cable end is attached to a socket in Character 2. I have got most of it working, but I need to limit the distance the characters are allowed to move away from each other, as the cable just seems to keep extending no matter what length I set it too. I was trying to simulate this by adding a sphere collision, and then an event for when the other actor no longer overlaps, but I’m unsure of how to have the Character stop moving forward. I want them to be able to move fine within the collision sphere, and not out of it. I also tried an invisible wall, and I like how the animation looked (of the character moving against it but not forward) but it kept my Character 2 from entering the sphere, while I need it to do the inverse of this and not allow him out. I’m sorry if this is convoluted, and I tried to give you as much information as you may need, but if you need any more information I would be happy to send screenshots and whatnot. Any advice on how to implement this would be super appreciated.