How to restrict access to some content inside custom mod editor

Hello, is there any way to make a custom editor and hide some blueprints while still referencing them? For example I have a Blueprint for a pickup and I want that the user is able to place this pickup inside a level without viewing its graph.
I managed how to precompile the project binaries and load them without having the source code, but I haven’t found how to reference assets without showing them to the user yet.
I watched the Inside Unreal live and specifically at time 1:16:00 Ivey answers this question, but it’s not clear to me how to do this. I tried to load WindowsNoEditor cooked uasset files in a custom editor build, but they’re not visible neither in the Content Browser nor in the level where they were placed before.
Thanks in advance!

You can’t use cooked assets in the editor, and they don’t allow you to redistribute the editor either if you’re wanting to make your own editor.

Thank you for the answer! I don’t want to redistribute the editor, I want the user to be able to run my project using the precompiled editor downloaded from the Epic Launcher, but the main problem is how to hide BP graphs while making the user able to place the BPs inside a level.
I tried with Blueprint Nativization, but the nativized blueprints give a lot of errors, so it’s not usable.