How to "restart" the level by a button on gamepad controller? ( or reset player to "player start"?)

During playing in fps mode I would like to press a button on the controller gamepad to “Reset” map (that would reset players’s location to the “player start”) or just “Restart a game/map/level” from beginning.

I have a single level environment (navigated with XBOX controller where I installed inputs in the project settings).

I’d very much appreciate any help with blueprint/ tutorial / keyword on that.
probably simple question related to blueprints but can’t find the right info.


You can use the “Open Level”-node and assign the execution to the specific button. In case you have different levels, there is a “get current level name” you can take as input.

thanks Fjordhoj! it works!

Alternatively, you can use the node “Execute Console Command” and enter “RestartLevel.” This will always restart your current level no matter what :slight_smile: