How to respawn a falling platform??

So I’m creating a level for a platformer game in Unreal Engine 4 for a college project. I’ve just added falling platforms, which work perfectly however, when they fall, they ignore collision with the “killzone”. This means that if the player were to die after the falling platforms were passed, they would respawn at a checkpoint, unable to progress through the rest of the level as the falling platforms aren’t there anymore. I’ve included the code for my falling platforms in an attempt to help anyone that tries to help me! I’m relatively new to UE4 so please forgive me for my lack of technical knowledge :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time!

You could write something in that essentially “resets” the platform upon a certain event and then trigger that upon the player going back to the checkpoint. I’m not at my usual pc right now to give a demo but shouldn’t be too difficult.

On event begin play or during even construct, store the transform of the object.

Then when you want them reset, set the actor transform to the data you stored. Fairly straight forward so far.

From the sounds of your start post I assume you only want them to respawn when the player dies? In that case I would suggest to handle the whole respawn code in your game mode. Create an Event Dispatcher (which you bind on event begin play in your falling platform) for “respawn”. From there on out you have an event when the player resets and can easily move the platforms back, every time that happens.

Alternatively as suggested you can create a trigger box which can achieve essentially the same. Just a little more dynamic where it can work too if the player didn’t die but jump back.

Thanks a bunch for the help mate and sorry for not replying sooner, I was working hard on the project and managed to get it all finished on time :slight_smile:

Worked like a charm, thank you so much for the help, I managed to finish everything on time :slight_smile: