How to resolve the lag when using async physics simulation of Unreal Engine 5

As I observed in advanced vehicle demo within Unreal Engine 5, while the game thread(GT) advance dt = 0. 1 s, the physics thread(PT) advances 5 steps (each dt= 0.02s). However, the rigidbodies sync their transform to game thread while only 1 step is completed in physics thread, which makes a lag of 0.08s between GT and PT. How to minimize such lag in UE5? For game that depends on physics result heavily (vehicle games for example), is there a best practice for using async physics?


I have the same problem, I’m trying to make a flight simulator multiplayer so I’ve made the physics of Flight with the most real formulas I was able to do for lift drag induced drag etc but then when I tried to make it multiplayer the planes are getting out of sync really fast and so the air combat is practically impossible
Searching online seems that the only solution is a $400 plugin called General Motion Component

Have you ever figured that out? This is currently blocking the development of my game. Non-async physics kill performance.