How to resolve Steam Friend "App ID" to Game Name

I have a friend lists which checks if friends are in a game and then calls “Steam Friend Game Played” to get “App ID” which is an integer.

How can I convert the integer to the actual name of the game the friend is in? I found that you could potentially download a massive json file and then try to parse it out, but there has to be an easier way?

I could not see any related ReturnGameName function in AdvancedSteamSessionsPlugin or SteamSDK.
But if you can dig in to it more, in case of I missed something, to find a proper working way to create a new function for yourself.

And also there are these lines after Line111 of AdvancedSteamFriendsLibrary.cpp

            // Forgot this test and left it in, it is incorrect, you would need restricted access
			// And it would only find games in the local library anyway
			/*char NameBuffer[512];
			int Len = SteamAppList()->GetAppName(GameInfo.m_gameID.AppID(), NameBuffer, 512);

			if (Len != -1) // Invalid
				GameName = FString(UTF8_TO_TCHAR(NameBuffer));

So, Plugin creator was trying to achieve what you wanted.
And even if Plugin creator would achieve this, he had to download all app infos by calling SteamAppList() function.

I think, you need to resolve this JSON via some plugins which are on market.

Yes, unfortunately it seems the only way to do it is by getting the app list and checking the app ids against it.

There’s an update for you.

This guy below found a way to implement what you want. I didn’t watch all video but in the beginning of the video, it’s clear to see this can be implemented.