How to resolve hoodie string crazy-bouncing in MovieRender Queue?

My metahuman’s hoodie strings now bounce around like crazy the entire take! I expect they are colliding with the head-mesh collision after retargeting the skeleton but not sure.

My metahuman used to render OK, but after recording facial expressions with FaceLink I had the skeleton issue where the head is lowered into the body. I followed THIS tutorial to fix it by repointing the recorded take to what I believe is the correct skeleton, but now my hoodie strings jump around all the time when recording to Render Queue (but not viewport).

I have searched the forums and youtube but am at a loss :frowning: Kindly please help guide me.
Any tips are greatly appreciated! I’m new at this but not sure where to start.


I was able to get much more stable MetaHuman hoodie strings using the ‘Enable Linear Projection’ checkbox in the hoodie physics asset. It needs to be enabled on every constraint:

  1. Select all bodies
  2. Select all constraints (clicking and dragging a box select is easiest)
  3. Check ‘Enable Linear Projection’

I don’t know if this is best practice performance-wise, but for now it seems fine.
Hope that helps!


Even with this fix, the issue still happens upon changing hoodie LODs, it just resolves itself after a second instead of continuing on for awhile. For me, the solution I ended up settling on ended up being changing minimum LOD to 2 in the MetaHuman_Clothing_LODSettings file. While not ideal in every scenario, this ended up working fine for my project.

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Thanks for sharing!

Oddly my strings stopped flying around when i turned OFF AA in the render settings. It makes no sense to me but renders worked after that. I did some compositing tricks to merge two different outputs as I needed the higher quality settings for the face. Not a pretty solution but hacked it on my end.

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what is AA?

From the awesome Gabriel Paiva (his solution is for in editor, but I’ve had luck with it fixing issues in MRQ)