How to reskin a dino

Ok I found a cool new raptor to add as a mod. Yes its CC Zero. Now that being said I figured it as a excellent learning platform for me. It’s a other raptor, similar to the one in the game but different. But what Im having trouble with is figuring out how to use it in the game as. I assumed to re-skin the current raptor with this one. Apparently I’m not doing it right. This is the first time I tackled something like this. I currently use blender.
How would I do this or what steps do I need to do to do something like this? The model already has its own texture, normal maps, has a non-animated rig.

Depends on if the rig is weight painted or not. Since you said non animated rig I’d assume it’s probably not painted.
You have 2 choices for that. Use it’s existing skeleton (if it came with one) and paint it to that, import to ADK then retarget animations from the raptor to the new skeleton
Or you can weight paint it to the raptor skeleton, import it then it can use the existing animations.
This would probably be a good place to start -

Great, that you Poker, I’ll try to do that :slight_smile: