How to reset the controller input?

Hi guys,

This might be a little confusing, and I’ll do my best to explain what’s happening:

I’m trying to get my character to receive something like an “all keys were released” command. I’m implementing an item from the marketplace (a dialogue system), and what’s happening is that if the character is receiving an input, let’s say “walk forward,” when a dialog starts, it’s never receiving a “walk forward was released” when the dialog ends. So basically, my character keeps walking forward, even though no keys are being held down. I believe that is happening because the dialogue system switches the focus from the player character to its widgets and blueprints.

Any ideas on how to send this kind of command to a character?


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This may or may not work, but try use the Any Key event and the Pressed event should be the “on key up”

Long shot but it might help :slight_smile:

Im in UE4.27. Did they change the name of “on key up”? I cant find it.
And im surprised they did not make a Cancel Release node. OP and I need this because when our body is taken away, by pressing an Enter key, the release part stays frozen because our Character never released the key, before our body switched.