How to reset animon sequence


So I have an animation montage which is The drawing of an arrow, and then a standing drawn arrow idle.

When I start the game the character sits at a basic idle, when I left click the character Draws the arrow, and sits at drawn arrow idle, when I release he shoots the bow.

However after that he sits in a frozen state, not even at idle. Just a frozen - 0 animation at all state.

If I try to click again, the arrow just shoots right into the mesh because the arrow socket is in his left hand, and his left hand is hanging at his side.

Seems like I should be able to just loop this animation on left click or somehow reset it each time.
Here is my Bow Anim BP:

Any ideas? Thank you for your time.

I tried adding in a delay at the end of the sequence and adding a play animation Idle in thinking maybe if he was back at idle it would restart based on the animgraph, but it did not work.

I had some success replacing Play AnimMontage with a Play Montage node. Now at least the camera pops back to the player after the bullet cam and he is sitting at Draw Arrow Idle, although he should be at idle. It allows me to take another shot and thus progress the game.

Will leave it for now and keep moving forward. Now to set up enemy AI.