How to reset account password if no email is sent?

Hey all,

I’m at a loss here as I don’t know how to fix this so I’m just trying everywhere to see if anyone can give me some guidance.

I can no longer log in to Epic with my main account (this is a temporary account just so i can be heard). It is not accepting my password. I tried to reset it, but I never receive the email that the system supposedly sent. I have tried sending emails to various epic email accounts, but they are all either not monitored, or automated (in which case they tell me to fix a lost password, reset it. GAH).

I have a fair bit of purchased content from the marketplace on my currently inaccessible account, and cannot seem to speak to a human or get any help with my issue. I’m at my wit’s end.

Please help!

I have the same problem, did you find out how to fix this?


This was a nightmare. I ended up submitting multiple tickets (using this temp account) in every category over and over again until they finally reached out to me. I would suggest you just keep reporting your problems through the automated system. There are people at the end of that system, but I guess you have to become a pain in the you know what to grab their attention.

In the end, it did get sorted.

Note: this is where I posted my problem - Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

Thanks for getting back to me, I got it sorted in the end.