How to request the character to switch levels?

So I’d like so that when the player character reaches for example a door (when he’s close to it), a text appears asking the player for example to press “E” to go to the next level, how can I make that trigger?

Here is a solution :
You need an actor bp with a collision box + a Widget bp






Hey, thanks for the help, everything’s going great but I have a question, how did you get the GET (is valid, is not valid, widget reference) node? Can’t seem to get it :confused:

I think you have to select SwitchLV_reference and then search for it.

Like this? If so, it still doesn’t show up?

right click on your ref , then choose “Covert To Validated Get”

Everything worked great, thanks! Do you happen to know, if I switch for example to another level that already has a player spawn point, how I can add one point from when he comes through a door?

So I can have a spawn point when I spawn in the level, and another from when I come from another level?