How to request an update to ticket in Issue tracker?

How to request an update per ticket?
UE-6451 considered “Not reproducible”, however reproduce steps are included in the “Steps to reproduce” and in community references. Also affected versions should be changed from “4.6, 4.7” to “4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, 4.12” or at least to “4.12”

Same question cause I see tickets market as fixed when are not fixed or even added the feature.

at the bottom of the page it says:

Have Comments or More Details?
Head over to the existing AnswerHub thread and let us know what’s up.

I have yet to see if this is effective though.
in my case UE-21449 has no mention of LODs in the description and repro steps, while the AnswerHub post it’s clearly states that adding LODs to the mix is needed to reproduce the major slowdown I experience.

@Hevedy: the issue states it was updated only on June 24th, 2016. this probably means the master branch already has the fix.

I can see it would be super useful if the issue is marked as Fixed, that the issue states which version it was fixed for!

Yeah I see in other fixed the version when they fixed that but nothing here :confused:

I would use the original AH post - but you can also use this thread to ask some questions. Unreal Engine Public Issues Tracker Is Now Available - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums. I should add it to the About page, but sometimes a bug gets fixed and there’s no record of when it was fixed. Sometimes they’re fixed because they were caused by a bug that was reported to cause other problems, and that ticket got fixed. Several months later or a few versions later someone looks at the no fix version bug, determines it was fixed and closes it out with an unknown fix version.

Hi all.

To reiterate some of what Nick Darnell said above:

If you have additional information about a bug report, please click on the “Answerhub” button on the report to go to the original community report. You can contribute there. If one doesn’t exist, you can create a new Answerhub bug report and reference the ticket. Please be aware we are only looking for useful information to work towards its resolution. If you are a programmer and can fix the issue yourself, please submit a Pull Request to Github. :slight_smile:

Sometimes bugs can have multiple different ways to reproduce it. A bug report only needs to list one successful method, and once the root issue is addressed it should be fixed for all reproductions.

Sometimes issues get fixed without knowing the specific changelist which resolved it. These may be marked as fixed without additional information.

I have updated UE-6451 with a developer note to clarify why it is marked as Cannot Reproduce.


I’m fairly certain there is another one that this is a duplicate of. I saw this yesterday when we were adding some others back. I don’t know the ticket off-hand but I’m fairly certain that one was pushed to the public issues site.

I’m also sure that the duplicate in question was a feature request and not a bug report since landscape LODs only work with X and Y and do not take Z into account. I’ll see if I can find that tomorrow morning for reference.

EDIT: Actually did a quick search and found it here: UE-16660

EDIT 2: Sorry, my response was intended for Hevedy and the Landscape issue.

how about this? I asked about it in my AnswerHub post, which is linked at the bottom of the Issue page but it isn’t the main one (i.e. clicking the big AnswerHub button takes me to another AH post)
the repro steps are different and in fact the main AH post seems to be a different problem entirely!

hello [MENTION=4894]Tim Hobson[/MENTION] / [MENTION=9]Stephen Ellis[/MENTION] any update on this please?

The ticket was updated in the comments section by Jack. The ticket was changed from backlogged to To Do and given a priority of 2. Also, it has been assigned to an engineer for investigation.

The comments link back to your thread specifically as a potential repro case. The information in the repro-steps has not been updated specifically, but the ticket in general has.

well I’m not sure how much the additional references are reviewed again when trying to fix an issue.
in my experience, when there’s a clear set of repro steps to an issue it’s usually not timeworthy to go back and review all additional references (otherwise bug jira’s would be but a collection of links)

in this particular case fixing the issue as per the repro steps would not fix my issue (while it seems related, it also seems it’s not the same issue)
I just want to make sure this is not overlooked


Okay thanks you, but shouldn’t be the other one that has been created later than the mine the duplicated one ?

Anyway thanks for the reply.