How to reproduce oviraptor egg collect ?


In just starting to discover modding.
I would like to understand how the oviraptor eggs collect is done and how to reproduce/customize it ?

I spend at least 5 hours looking for any hint but have nothing yet…

Thanks for your help

(cant pull the editor up atm - so going from memory… node names might be a little off)

Hey there… I dont know how they are doing it with the Oviraptor, but I have a mod that has a beetle that collects dung, so would think its similar.

Basically, create a Tick graph event, use the OverlapSphereActorSimple node (might have to play with the ObjectType to get the one you are after - probably WorldStatic tho ) and do a foreach on its results, compare the item returned to what you want to pick up, and add it to the dino’s inventory if its what you want…

The item on the ground is likely a DroppedItemGeneric (something like that) and not the actual item you want… so you have to get the ‘My Item’ from that reference…
To add it to the the dino, you add a new item of the class referenced by the ‘My Item’ - then destroy the DroppedItemGeneric.

Tick seems alittle overkill for something that could easily be done every 5-10 sec.

Thanks brainache for your help.
I thought that it would be easier but its seems not :frowning:

You could use a timer I suppose - im not familiar with them… what I did for mine was have a counter inside the tick with that the delta time gets added to and it checks every 5 seconds…

Are you the author of the Smart Beetle mod ?

Yep… I am