How to Report Spam to EPIC?

Dear EPIC, How can we report Users doing BullSh## and abuse on the Answer Hub? Look for josephknien and this users posts. They are not only Spam, if you analyze the JS behind the linked pages, so please provide a possibility to report and block those posts to protect the community.

you can report the people on the more tab under their post…

Thank you for your reply, but - no? See attached image or am I looking on the wrong “more”


You need to be logged in to report someone, than you will be able to report those nasty people :wink:

ok - i don’t understand it. I WAS logged in because of I wrote my comment and made the screenshot… but I don’t need to understand everything. Thank you for clearing this up!

I have the same problem: I can’t report abuses (and doing regular actions here in general) because I’m a new user, but meanwhile there are a lot of fake users (such as dfvdgvdrg, ewtdfddstg and kyzenjaylenn) that are annoying this place with their crappy sport links. Is this normal? I don’t think so…