How to Replace the "Default Manikin" with Custom Rigged Character?

Hey Guys,

Ok, this is the first post in the animation department, so here goes…:rolleyes:

I Finally have a Character that is fully Scaled to Epic Skeleton, Rigged to Epic Skeleton and also contains a few Custom Animations along with some Animation curves.

How can I replace the default manikin player character with this new Character? This is for a Third Person character…not first…

I want to make sure I do it the right way, since i tried one time and it screwed up and I had to do a restore from a backup of the project…


Hey Guys,

Ok, I think I got this all figured out.

It seems there are five things that must be satified for this to work when reacing the default Manikin. I am mispelling this word on purpose (LOL).

The Skeleton I am using is missing some bones, so I am not sure what impact that will have, but in the animation previews, it’a all working perfectly.

I will update this if I run into any troubes, but it seems like I am ok in this department…for now…


Quick Update:

I now understand each piece of this.

So Now I can get my “Own” Characters in Game and playing well with different assets that is need to.


you trying to change default character? I didn’t understand

OKJA123123123, stop trying to harrass my posts. Your game is old as the internet itself. also, if you are giving people wrong or misleading information on purpose, you should be kicked from the community.

Go play your games with someone else.

How many people you actually owe amends to for trying to screw them up?