How to replace the Capsule Componet on a Charater

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Unreal and I have been trying to do movement. I got it working on a Character and now all I need to do is just replace the Capsule Component because it’s collision isn’t really working good for my purpose. But I can’t seem to replace the Capsule Component and I just can’t seem to replace it. Everything I try doesn’t work. I drag on my Static mesh and it doesn’t work. Anything I try doesn’t work. Someone please help me. All help is appreciated.

The best way is for you to make your own character class. So make a copy of the Character class (call it XCharacter for example), replace the capsule component, compile and done. Now, just create a BP or a class, that inherits from XCharacter instead of Character.

I don’t understand what you mean. All I need to do is replace the capsule component. Can you describe what your saying in more detail please?

Edit: I am trying to find the actual character class and I can’t find it

Character Class is created in c++ code and Capsule is Inherited variable (wich means it is defined in one of parent classes), so you can not manipulate it by simply dragging and replacing it. I’m not sure if you can change it without getting into code at all.
So like the previous commentor said, you would have to create your own character class, including all the needed components and instead of capsule add other shape. But there’s another problem, as far as I know movement component relies on collision to be capsule, so that might be a problem too.

Why do you need any other collision shape? You might just add another collision inside your character and attach it to capsule, make capsule small and see what happens

No. That way is a mess and isn’t that straightforward.


CharacterMovementComponent is working directly with CapsuleComponent as a Root. Without this capsule its just woun’t work. So you have to understand what exactly you want. To avoid using capsula you can inheret from Pawn, and use whatever you want. But in that case, you will have to write you own MovementComponent or modify PawnMovement for your purposes

I have tried writing my own pawn and stuff. But I just don’t know what to use instead of add movement input and what else to use. People are saying for me to make my own movement component but I don’t know how to make it. I tried making one but it didn’t work. What would be a good replacement for add movement input?

That is a good idea but the reason I need another collision shape is because this one doesn’t fit with my model and I need to replace it. Also I don’t know how to make my own character class when I went and literally copied and pasted the class I got errors. I also want to make my character model more organized as well.

Edit: when I shrink down the capsule component it shrinks everything down and the box colliders I put on them don’t work. I put box colliders and my character still goes through walls. I need to get rid of the capsule component.

I’m a bit late to the party, but at least in 5.1, you can change the half-height and radius of the capsule. Might cover some cases.