How to replace my details options (UE4)

Hello everyone, i had a problem with my “details” menu, indeed i cant find the “hollow” to create an empty cube and i cant find the options to configure the width of the brique on a surface for example i don’t know why and what i did but its impossible to do it now …
Thanks you very much for your time

Hi Bouh1010,

This sounds like you’re using a Static Mesh vs BSP.

BSP is fully editable for configuring meshes in the way you describe, where Static Meshes cannot be edited in this fashion.

If you need BSP, you can go to the BSP tab in the Modes panel in the top left and drag the type of brush in that you would like to use.

If you grab the cube from the Basic tab this will be a static mesh.

Ooooh, well done man sorry I did not know there was a difference -
Thanks alot