How to replace default Blue man character with your own character model?

So we have our own character model we wanted to bring in the engine… I figured if I was able to swap in his mesh with the blue guy’s mesh in the third person template, we’d be able to have our character using his animations and running around as him.

He moves, but not with the animations unfortunately… Only frozen in tpose.He’s rigged and everything, but I’m thinking maybe I need to reconnect him to the basic animation? Is it likely because his rig would be different to the standard blue guy that I won’t be able to use those animations?

I realise this is a pretty newbie question, but the basic animation tutorial kinda lost me straight away, unfortunately. Could anyone please maybe direct me to a simple tutorial regarding bringing in your own characters?

Take a look at this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Custom Character (english) - YouTube + either use your own animations or retarget them to your rigg (but then I think you will have to re-create the rigg with the same bone name) :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the reply! This is actually the tutorial I’ve been following when Ive gotten stuck. My issue with it is that he kind of just tells you what to do without explaining anything, and glosses over the many steps involved… I’d really like to understand what’s going on with everything as I do it. I really like the official Unreal tutorials on the basics for that reason.

Is there anything anyone knows of like that? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a video tute

If you open your own Character Skeletel mesh and switch to the animation screen your animation asset browser is most likely empty (if not you are not missing animations, you are missing an animation blueprint, that is another story). If you dont have animation you can load the animation starter pack from epic into your project and retarget these animations to your own skeletal mesh folowing this tutorial.

curiously if you do so, you can retarget all starter pack animations but not the standard once idle walk and run (even thou they share the same rig). But you can export these as fbx and import them to the starter pack skeletal mesh which will automatically create a animation sequenz that you can retarget. Once you have animations on your own skeletal mesh you can follow epics video tutorial series about animation blueprints/blend spaces etc. to actually use your animations in game.

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Ahhh, thanks heaps! I haven’t had a chance to sit down and follow it along just yet, but it looks like its exactly what I’m after, thank you!
I have struck another issue however. After properly weighting and making a different rig for our character, I’ve exported him in and hit an issue instantly that I hadn’t before:

Warning: The following bones are missing from the bind pose. This can happen for bones that are not vert weighted. If they are not in the correct orientation after importing, please set the “Use TO as ref pose” option or add them to the bind pose and reimport the skeletal mesh.

It then lists the components of my mesh that are indeed not weight-painted, the teeth and eyes. Those are instead parented to other parts of rig, so they move with that. After I close the error dialogue, and click and drag the character into the scene, the only parts visible are his eyes and teeth, the parts it stated had an error earlier… What exactly is happening here? We are working in Maya, is there something else we should do with those non-weighted body parts to avoid this issue?

I do not know if it’s still useful information, but follows …

In my case, i have a character with eyes and teeth and both needed to be skined with some bones. The Maya parent are not recognised in UE4 . You really need do skim them in some bones (example : the upper teeth with the head joint and the lower teeths with the maxilar joint).

Hope it helps.

I’m in the same boat as OP. I followed the 3rd person tutorial from start to finish. Everything was working. Yesterday I used my store credit to buy “prototype characters” from the market place, I added them to my project and then in the “My Character” blueprint I went into the viewport tab, selected my hero model and in details > mesh, I swapped out the default hero from the tutorial to the “prototype character”. When I compiled and went to play, he just slides around in a t-pose without animation. So I went to go change it back to how it was, and now the original default character, has also lost his animation and now my project is broken.

I don’t want to start over, I want to learn how to fix this. So, how do I fix the default character again, and once I know how to do that, how do I properly swap it out for the “Prototype Character”. That way I can fix things I break and also get the hero replaced as I intended.

Thank you so much.

EDIT/ADDED: I should note, that everything appears to still be hooked up properly, all I did was that one change, and then put it back. If I go into the default tutorial characters animation blueprint the skeleton > mesh > animation > graph views all look right, and there he still has animation playing and he still has his idle-walk-run blend and his punching montage working and available, but compiling and running the game, he’s still currently broken and sliding around in a t-pose.

As I mentioned above, take a look at this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Custom Character (english) - YouTube It will lead you through all steps to replace the blue guy (with existing skeletal meshes + animations) :slight_smile:

Thanks fighter, I got it. To repair my broken file all I had to do was go back and re-select/apply my animation blueprint in “anim blueprint generated class” pulldown tab as detailed here. Got the fix from the link you provided, (skipped every other step) thank you. I will use the full tutorial to get my new character working later, now that the old one is fixed again, but that was the only step I needed to fix this as is. TY, TY, TY.

EDIT: Followed the rest of the tutorial and now also I have my new character working as well. Some of the steps were different and I figured out a few things to skip a bunch of steps but all the info I needed was in there, thank you again. Everything is working here, GL to the OP on their project.

this worked for me

im having the same T pose issue, followed the tutorial you linked twice, and no fix. did everything it said word for word, even went over it twice and nothing. any ideas?


I ran into the same situation than Arvemor.

The link you posted isn’t working anymore… But the solution you are describing seems like what I’m looking for. Except when I do so it fills my project with uassest files. I figure I would get FBX files or such, which I would need to setup another charcahter… I’m not sure what I’m missing here.

can someone post a video tutorial which acutally works in version 4.15? i tried to follow several tutorials now but wasnt able to get it right. its annoying

Will these tutorials described here will work in ut4 character modding in unreal tournament 2016 level editor on Blender instead of Maya?

In youtube I saw someone making character modding tutorial in Unreal Engine/Editor 4 and I asked him if he can make video tutorial of character modding in Unreal Tournament 4 however now I can’t find this video.He made several video tutorial parts.