How to replace a trigger volume with a composited blueprint?

Hi, I am pretty new to ue4, and I have the most recent version on my laptop. My problem is that I am trying to create a blueprint where when I am in a trigger volume, AND hit “E”, a mesh would move or be deleted or spawned. Every tutorial I have looked at for this kind of thing requires me to replace my trigger volume with a composited blueprint, but the “Blueprint Header” is not on my details panel. Is there something I have to do to make the engine show me the Blueprint Header? Or did they just change how you perform this action with the update? Any help is appreciated.


I took the thirdperson template,
Let’s make an item. if you are in the trigger the item destroys.
First make a Bluprint, As parent take an Actor.

Add 2 new Components

  1. a mesh
  2. Collision (Box, Sphere or Capsule)
  3. Add a bool variable to save if the player is in the trigger

than add to the trigger the begin overlap and end overlap event.
Then you can build something like this

On beginplay enable input that u can receive input events.
I Cast it to thirdpersoncharacter, to that it only reacts on the character, not an enemey or the floor whatever.

Thank you for the input! I really appreciate your time. I will try what you said and return with results.

Hey, I tried what you did there, however there is only one thing I may need help with, and that’s creating the bool for my character being in the trigger. Like I said I’m new so I’m not sure how to work everything yet. So how do I go about making a bool that recognizes my character is in the boxtrigger

Ahhh! I figured it all out! if you could help me with one more thing, is it possible to do this same thing with a matinee? So that this would trigger the animation rather than just delete or spawn something? or is this a totally separate process?

Animation, ok.

i think you don’t need matinee, As far as i know matinee is a world object in the level.
if you have a blueprint class, like the class above, you can use the timeline object.
or if u have a skeletal animation, u play the animation. I will show you an animation based on the
example above.

If you press E the item will rotate.

Now you now how to make Variables add 2 new one of type Rotator, i will name them

Set the Yaw value of the RotEnd to maybe 259

Then rightclick some where in the eventgraph, and take add timeline. if you doubleclick the object,
i should look like this.

add a float track name it like u want.

then it looks like this:

Shift left click at 0/0, and maybe 0.5/1

now you can connect everything