How to replace a character from a game?

How to replace a character from a game with another character from another game if both games use UE ?

Not sure where to ask this so here i am…
I’m a Life Is Strange fan and i want to know how to replace the main character you play with another character from a different game.
I completed Remember Me last weekend and i want to replace Nilin with Max and reverse. I can’t find any mod or guide related to this, maybe i wasn’t look enough and/or in right place yet.

Any help is welcome, thank you & please have a wonderful day!

Hehe, you are really naive and I like it.

Packaged games can not be edited by their editors. That’s the whole purpose of it. So you can’t use Unreal Editor to edit any Unreal game that pleases you, if you don’t have the source code of it.

What other people do is reverse engineering and you need to search for it somewhere else. :wink:

Hello sir & thank you for the quick reply.

Had to ask this because there are many mods/add’ons out there for different games which contain even the imported characters from other games in them. So was wonder why with UE is not possible… so yeah i dare to be naive if you like so because i wish was can do this to UE related games to… but maybe there is a way or a backdoor somewhere to make this possible?! After all this are the games for, to enjoy them the way we want it to with less restrictions as possible from developers.

Where is that “somewhere else” then ? :)) i don’t like to give up so easy…

There is always a backdoor possibility. Thats why hackers can reverse engineer and change many models of a certain game. You need to search for this in google and hope something shows up. I don’t think it is legal to give a direct link to any such forums (they contain other stuff that might not be nice) so search the net. Good luck. :slight_smile: