How to repeat sprite in one actor

I have to make sprite for the ground, i have 1 peace and i want to repeat it for all width of my ground line.
The same situation with clouds.
So how to make from one peace 512*512, sprite bigger then 5000-8000 pixels in width?

I’m not sure to understand, but what you want is to “repeat” your sprite on the ground ? Is that it ? Because if you want to repeat your sprite as many as you want, you can use a procedural generated method, which you can learn in this tutorial :

If you aim something different, please explain a bit more, ang give screenshots, maybe it can help :s

i want to create one object/actor named “ground” like in “Tappy Chicken”, in this game background placed in one file 512*512 but when developer use it in the scene, this part of sprite much bigger than 512, it’s about 8000pixels. I think developer repeat sprite few times in the one actor. Maybe it’s some type of texture.
Thank you, for your attention