How to repeat a moving spline platform?

I’m trying to make a platform with a spline repeat itself but also go back and forth.

When the platform moves to the end of the spline it teleports back to the beginning and after adding something that makes it go in reverse at the end, it goes back to the start without teleporting but only does it once. Then when i make it loop on the motion timeline it goes back to teleporting again.

How do i fix this?

When I usually do stuff like this, I just connect finished to reverse from end. However if it is a simple moving platform, you can use the Interp To Movement component, which is quite easy to use.

If I were you, I would connect Platform Start event directly to play from start, and then on finished, create a reroute and connect back to reverse from end.

Since you are using a spline, you can just consider it a closed loop, so when it reaches the end it will reverse by itself. To do it you need to select the spline and in the details tab find the closed loop check box, like this:

If you are just moving between point A and B with no curver along the way you can also make it like this:

If you want something that allows you to mantain a constant speed regardless of spline length or distance to travel, maybe give this a go: