How to reopen my Mod files from steam?

Hi i got a big problem my harddisk crashed and i lost all the files of my mod,yep the backup is also gone, now i have a question the mod files are at steam,and i downloaded them, is there a chance that i can reopen the files in the dev kit?

Someone correct me if I am wrong but they are encrypted and there is no way of restoring the source files out of them. Which is normally a good thing since it helps you protecting your work.

As Kenturrac has stated. It is not possible, nor do I think will it ever be possible, and I don’t think it should be - as far as copyrights go anyway.

The DevKit, during cooking, obscures the code essentially encrypting it… steam also adds it’s own flair into the mix during upload and download/install.

Sorry to say, you’ll have to start over.


In order to prevent it next time I recommend using a version management tool like GIT. I don’t say this make you angry but I hope other people stubble into this thread and get reminded that they should install a tool like this ASAP.

Yep! Before I delved into making my TC. I first setup a Subversion Server on my Synology NAS and use that together with Version Control in the DEVKit.
Was a bit more work! But at least now I am prepared for those DEVKit updates overwriting my files! Also have Crashplan running in the background, which makes backups automatically for me. Better safe than sorry!