How to render to texture using an unwrapped Static Mesh

I have UE4 4.9.2 installed, and I am trying to achieve a texture bake similar the one made for bullet train, and was featured on the twitch livestream “The Making of Bullet Train Pt2” with Ryan Brucks and Jerome Platteaux at 33:00 in the video.
I followed the step mentionned in the following article:

I added the UnwrapUVsForRender node to my material, but I did not find the Attribute version of this node, like the one used in the video.
I did not add the scalar parameters since I am using a newer engine version then the one mentioned in the docs, and the scalar parameters are included in the node if I double click it.
I added this node for one material to test if it work, if it does I will add it to the other material.

Please note that I exported from 3ds max a static mesh version of my character, which have on channel 1 the regular overlapping UVs, and on channel 2 I adjusted the UVs for the body to not overlap, on channel 3 I adjusted the UVs for the Head (all in 0 to 1 space).

The High resolution screenshot is always open, and has “Include Buffer Visualization Target” checked

When I hit the unwrap checkbox nothing happens, the blueprint stays black.

Also where do i select the target UV channel?

I would appreciate your assistance on this matter.
Thank you

I have the same issue, nothing happens. Did you ever figure this out?

nop, sorry

Got it working. There is a bug in the RenderToTexture_LevelBP. To unwrap a mesh (after fixing the blueprint), do the following:

  1. Drag the RenderToTexture_LevelBP into the scene (it’s under Engine Content).
  2. Position your static mesh above the RenderToTexture_LevelBP (not necessary but good practice).
  3. Wire the UnwrapUVsForRender node to the world position offset for each material.
  4. Under RenderToTexture_LevelBP → Capture Settings → Render Type, select Unwrapped Mesh.
  5. Under RenderToTexture_LevelBP → Render Unwrapped Mesh, select your static mesh using the dropper icon and click the Unwrap checkbox.