How to render to multiple windows with only Blueprints?


I was wondering if there is a way to render to multiple windows in Unreal Engine 4, using only Blueprints? Specifically, I would like to have one camera output go to a VR headset, and a different camera output going to the monitor. The cameras should be independent of one another, and able to be controlled by two different players.

There might be some ways of doing this, but they involve a bit of digging into the Engine Source Code, or creating custom C++ classes:

I am also aware of a plugin called Extra Cam Window:

However, the window rendered by the plugin has some issues, such as visual artifacts and cannot look up/down.

I’d like to find an alternative solution using only Blueprints, if it is possible.

Any help is appreciated!

UE4 Plugin for Scene Capture rendering to separate window.

Here you could find our tutorial and Github opensource code](

@DenisDubinin ;
Hi DD.
Very interested in Play Scene, Knowing absolutely nothing about C++ they tutorial goes over my head.
I have downloaded the GitHub and cannot run the included project in 4.19… does it need a built from source build ?
Can this be added to a Blueprint Project ?
Is the second screen when playing in the editor only or can it be packaged into a game build ?

There is a great need for multi windows for some UE4 Projects
Hope you can shed some light
Thanks Paul_G