How to render sequencer from different cameras at the same time?


I have a physics simulation shot with some objects and characters falling using physics. What I want, is to record this shot from different angles, so we can later montage it in third-party software, like Adobe Premier.
But the issue, is physics is not determine (PhysX), meaning that all objects fall differently every time we start a sequence. So if we try to record sequence multiple times from different angles, we are not able to montage it later, as all the actors are on different places every exported video.

We already tried to use “Take Recorder” to record falling and then simply play it using sequence, but recorded physics on characters plays with glitches and do not really work the way it supposed to.

So, the one solution, is to render a take from different cameras at the same time, so we get like multiple videos of the same simulation, or multiple image sequences. Is it possible to do that in Unreal Engine?
Or maybe there is another good way to record physics from multiple angles??

Thank you!

+++ i have the same question, did you manage to solve this?