How to render gameplay video?

Hi! I’ve run into an issue with recording gameplay video.

I want to record high resolution gameplay (portrait 2k for mobile), but I have a laptop with fullHD screen.

So I was trying to find a way to record a video inside UE. None of these ways was successful.

What I’ve tried:

Use Windowed PIE with needed resolution with window recording in OBS (records even if window is outside of my screen).
But in 4.25 editor does not allow to make window bigger than my screen. In 4.24 I do not see whole window anyway and cannot control my game.

Use Play in Standalone, wich allows to make desired window size. But there is a problem with 80% of a window being outside of my screen. I do not see what happens and cannot control my game with a mouse (it is a mobile game, so I need to use whole screen). It also has problem with FPS becaouse of high resolution and OBS recording.

Use Sequencer Render Movie Setting. It can render any resolution I want with any FPS I want. But it also have this issue with small window, and I do not see a thing…

Use Movie Render Queue.
It also can render any resolution I want with any FPS i want. It also does not have window problem. But I cannot use mouse/touch controls at all. It also cannot render UI properly.

So, as you can see, every way I’ve tried does not give me what I what. The third one is the closest one, maybe there is a way to make window to show whole process?

What would you recommend to record a gameplay video with high resolution??

Thank you!