How to Render composure compositing through sequencer

Hi All,

I am working on one the CG Show, where I need to render the output with Passes and comp them further for enhancement . But for this I am planning to use composure compositing, So I can get the FG, BG and Matt layers separate , Also my intention while rendering these passes, I could able to generate sub passes like Base color, Roughness, Metallic for respected layers like FG Layer and BG layer. I am successfully able to do this with the help of Documentation, and I can preview them on screen. But…

I tried dragging all the composure layers in the sequencer along with main comp component, And I am not able to render the output through composure export with the help of Sequencer.
Can anyone guide me how to do that ?, Is there any tutorial i can follow ?

Currently I am totally depend on the Documentation what we have from UE4, But seems that is not enough.

Rohan M