How to render collision meshes in Solid way? Wireframe is not enough

Hi there!

In cryengine all collision meshes are solid and this was very convenient for the most cases. In specific cases we can even set opacity for more detailed view. But in UE4 collisions are rendered in wireframe mode, it’s hard to determine some places where camera may penetrate geomentry and so on.

I found this piece of code here:

const bool bDrawSolid = !bDrawWireframeCollision;
    if (bDrawSolid){
        // Make a material for drawing solid collision stuff
        const FColoredMaterialRenderProxy SolidMaterialInstance(
        GEngine->ShadedLevelColorationUnlitMaterial->GetRenderProxy(IsSelected(), IsHovered()), WireframeColor);

Looks like it’s possible, at least on Code side. Maybe there’s some way to render collision in Solid way? It would be perfect in some cases.