How to render a Take Recorder scene with Sequencer?

Hey there, I’m also a newbie, but I think I know how to do this. I noticed that in your camera cuts the camera that you want to record with is not actually active. I think you should select which camera you want to use to record and for what time.

Hi, I’m really new to Unreal. I recorded some basic movements of a Pawn with take recorder. In this pawn I have a camera and I would like to export camera movements in a video… Here’s a quick video: - YouTube

Thanks you! I fixed it. The problem is that on Event Thick i was overriding the position and rotation to 0 and the camera wasn’t moving :). Such a noob mistake! Ahahaha

Thanks i fixed it! I was overriding the animation by setting the position and location to 0 on event thick that’s why the camera was still!