How to render a pixellated display (and pixel fonts)

what i mean by that is a monochrome display where each “pixel” is an LED.

i can make a material and pixellate it by modifying the UVs. something like:

(floor(UVs * resolution) + vec2(0.5,0.5)) / resolution

then i can calculate how close a pixel is to the center of one of these “LEDs”, and have some cutoff distance, to make them circles.

one of the problems is that when i move further away, i get noisy patterns. normally this can be handled using mipmaps, but because i am doing this on the fly and not in a texture, i don’t have mipmaps. is there another way? or can i just render this into a rendertarget, generate mipmaps for it (this would have to work at runtime) and then display that? what is the best way of solving this?

another issue is the rendering. the content of the display contains text. but i need to render “pixel perfect” text. there can be no subpixel rendering or anti-aliasing. is this possible using UMGs or canvas render targets? or will i have to make my own system using some kind of sprite atlas and copying the characters over into a render target with my own code?

in canvas render targets, you have the Draw Text function, which use screen coordinates, in pixels. but i’m worried that the second character might be offset by some float amount, not an exact pixel amount. because i want very low resolution and each pixel must be either on or off, i’m not sure if this will work for me.

Hi! Can you attach some pics?