How to rename Blueprint Function Library?

The “delete” and “rename” buttons do not work in the editor. I tried to change the name of the files in explorer and then rebuilt the VS files, but the Blueprint Function Library still has the same name

Kinda old question but in case someone else finds this, what I do to rename a Blueprint Function Library is the following:

  1. Close Unreal Engine Editor;
  2. Open GameName.sln and rename both OldName.h and OldName.cpp to the new name (ex: Name.h, Name.cpp), then go into Name.h for your blueprint and rename on top #include "OldName.generated.h" to your new name (ex: #include "Name.generated.h");
  3. After that, rename from class GAMENAME_API UOldName : public UBlueprintFunctionLibrary to the new name with U before it (ex: class GAMENAME_API UName : public UBlueprintFunctionLibrary
  4. Now open Name.cpp and rename from #include "OldName.h" to the new name (ex: #include "Name.h"), and also rename the function header from UOldName:: to the new name (ex: UName::), then close Visual Studio after saving both files;
  5. Go to your project folder and delete the folders Intermediate, .vs, Binaries;
  6. While holding down Shift key, right click on GameName.uproject and select Generate Visual Studio project files;
  7. Open GameName.sln, click on Build and from there click on Clean Solution;
  8. Click on Build and from there click on Build Solution.

Any functions you are using from that Blueprint Function Library won’t be affected if you don’t rename them as well.

Some of the steps might be optional, but I want to be thorough. Also this is a list with all the folders you can delete from your game folder, and recreate them without loosing data, except those from SaveGames containing your save game object files, which you can recreate them when running the game, or just don’t delete them.