How to rename a folder or fix up redirectors without crashing?

Generally within the editor, when I try to rename a folder, move a folder, or fix up redirectors in a folder, the engine will crash. It does not matter what version of the engine I am on, nor the project. This has happened to me always since the original release of Unreal Engine 4 up to the version I’m using now, 4.22.3.
Here’s a small excerpt from the crash log:
“LogVulkanRHI: Warning: Failed to allocate Device Memory, Requested=262144.00Kb MemTypeIndex=7”

Is there another way to go about doing this that won’t crash/require so much memory? You know, other than moving each file one by one which would take forever?
It seems like the engine tries to load every single thing into memory at the same time that is involved with one of those folders that I try to rename, move or fix redirectors in, and if this is the case that means it will likely crash every single time because they are extremely memory hungry files.

I’d also like to know if I can fix a project that crashed during moving files or fixing directors, seeing as the crash during moving files left two copies of the same files, and now causes blueprint errors when running the project.

So I had no big issues to move/rename stuff using a I9 32GBram system. However, issues here are with deleting stuff, taking forever. In your scenario I would try to check your RAM is not faulty, and make sure to run the editor with 32GB

Is there a way to limit the amount of RAM that Unreal Engine would request during these procedures, especially if one does not have that much RAM in the first place?

You really should upgrade to a 32GB system, it’s like halfing the time to do editor operations (when you upgrade from 16GB. I don’t know if you can limit or change setting in those regards, but essentially your work time is twice as much if you run with 16GB or less.

Sometimes you people sound like abused spouses (Epic being the abuser).

Simply renaming a folder, in your project, should NOT cause the editor to run out of memory. Epic needs to fix this.

In Unity, this would be a 1 second operation. In Unreal, the advice is “buy more ram”. Seriously WTF?

When VulkanRHI is saying it needs more memory, it means GPU RAM, not the standard RAM. That warning is also not what is causing the crashing. I’m pretty sure it’s an array-out-of-bounds error.