How to remove widget?

Hello! I’ve created two widgets, first one is Basic Widget with 2 named slots and other widget is created with first widget. Can i remove other widget via call from first widget? Please see the screenshots.

For now, remove from parent node in BaseWindowView is not removing anything, on log it prints:

PIE: UWidget::RemoveFromParent() called on ‘/Engine/Transient.UnrealEdEngine_0:MyGameInstance_C_41.CreateRoomWindowView_C_183.WidgetTree_11072.BaseWindowView’ which has no UMG parent (if it was added directly to a native Slate widget via TakeWidget() then it must be removed explicitly rather than via RemoveFromParent())

as long as you have a reference to the widget, remove from parent should work.

Did you ever solve this? I’m having this issue in 4.22 as well. Working on a drag and drop system. if I drag the child widget from one parent widget to another I get this error. on drag, I pick up the child widget (at this point it’s removed from the first parent) after I drag it to the new parent and drop it, and it either attaches to that, or cancels and attaches back to the original parent, it generates this error in either case.

No, i’ve did some custom system for making windows, it does not using slots