How to remove unused files from a folder?

I want to mass delete files that aren’t referenced by anything else from some folders, however I don’t know if this is possible, other than writing down the name of every file that appears in the list that isn’t being referenced by something else & then manually control clicking each one of those…
For instance it’d be nice if I could just click delete on a folder, see the list that appears, remove the things that have references from the list and then click delete to remove the files that are not being referenced by anything. Perhaps there’s another way to go about this? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Pine,

Here is one way:

  1. create a new clean project
  2. inside ue4 editor, working with existing project (the one with unneeded assets), select a level and then right click, asset action -> migrate.
  3. migrate to the new project that was just created (select the content folder).
  4. the migration will copy all referenced asset to the new project
  5. repeat for all levels.

Another is the asset wrangler which can be rum from a windows cmd promt. Haven’t tried it personally and I would definitely test it before using it.

 "(engine file path)\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-Cmd.exe" "(Project Path)" -run=WrangleContent -allmaps