How to remove Tooltip Widget

How do you remove a tooltip widget after it has been set with Set Tool Tip? Calling the function again with empty Parameter doesn’t work.

Hello, did you find a solution? I have buttons with custom tool tip but when i click the buttons, the tooltips stays on screen. I tried remove from parent with tooltip reference but didn’t work.

To double check, you calling this function?

And you use “None” on Widget pin?

I look up the code and it looks ok, if tooltip is set to null the widget should dissapper

I ended up assigning an empty widget as tooltip.

Yes, that’s what I did. Did you try it? Is it working for you?

Thx for the tip, it’s not very intuitive but it’s working.

No, i just gessing looking at the code, this is how you should do it. you might make a ToolTip widget to is invisible when text is empty to make things easier. As it seems good lead i will convent my comment to awnser