How to remove title bar from PIE windows for fullscreen


I’ve been trying to search for this everywhere but found no luck. I’m trying to make a title bar less PIE window for my project - for some reason when I package my project everything runs a lot slower // also using a mac so that might have something to do with it. So currently I’m displaying my project from the PIE but I’m trying to make it boarderless / title bar less.

Can someone help me please would be eternally grateful!



or is there a way to hide the navigation buttons when entering full screen from the immersive mode?

You can use the “Standalone Game” mode and then press alt+enter to go into fullscreen. Is this what you are looking for?

Thank’s for your reply that would do the trick but it’s just that I’m trying to run it through a PIE window as my project runs quicker then when I build it. It’s a know issue and my laptop isn’t too powerful so I was just thinking of the easiest way to make it full screen. Going to just use another screen and zoom in. Not sure how else to do it :confused:

This is extremely late to the party, but I ended up here looking to do the same thing in Windows for screen capture. I figured it out:

  1. In your viewport, click the arrow in the upper left and turn on immersive mode.
  2. Press the hotkey to play in the active viewport (if you haven’t changed it, it should be Alt+P).

I had to change my taskbar to autohide, but this did the trick for me. Hope this helps someone else!