How to remove the default movement on a blank project?

Im trying to follow this tutorial:

But my problem is that even the blank project has a default set of controls, so whenever i press the play button and click with the mouse in the viewport, even if i didn´t set nothing, just by openning a new map and press play, i can move arround with “WASD” keys or the arrow keys, and look arround with the mouse movement.
Is there a way to turn off those default settings?

Thanks everyone!

You can set the controls by creating a character blueprint.

Create blueprint based on SpectatorPawn, set “Add Default Movement Bindings” to false and tell your game mode to use this class as default spectator pawn class.

In my case unwanted mouse behaviours came from “Project Settings / Input / Default Viewport Mouse Capture Mode” set to “Capture permanently”, set to “No capture” it disables moving camera during mouse events in the viewport. Have a nice day :wink: