How to remove Starter Content from existing project ?

I began building my prototype using FPS Template. I’ve gotten pretty far and would like to finish it to see the whole idea through, before moving to a scratch project. The problem is that FPS Template came with Starter content. That makes my build huge (especially for mobile devices).

How can I safely remove all unused content from my project ? (including Starter content)


P.S. Using 4.11

Think about issuing a feature request for deleting all unused/unreferenced content. It could be useful. I know there are time where this could have been handy. but for now you have to do it manually.

Hmm… Alright. What folders do I need to remove ?

Assuming that you created your custom content in another folder, the attached images is the default structure of the FPS template. The first image is expanded view, the second is collapsed. If you’re referencing anything in these folders, it will break once you delete these folders. You can right click on your content and select Reference Viewer to double check references if you like.

I see. I did create separate folders for my own stuff, but I used First Person controller. So I am guessing deleting Geometry and StarterContent folders should be safe, since I don’t really use anything from there.

First go to the Content Browser, right click the Content folder, select Fix up Redirectors in Folder. (Some times I find there are still a few Redirectors lying around, do I need to restart my project after this and try again)
If you haven’t used any of the starter assets in your main project you can just delete the starter content folder
If you have used some assets delete the folder, but at the final prompt it should tell you what files are used in what assets/dependencies, and you can either replace, move or remove said assets out of your project and proceed with deletion.

If any starter assets were used you will need to run another Check for redirectors.

To keep things tidy and remove ghost files, navigate to you content folder in window explorer **C:\Users\Ethan\Documents\Unreal Projects**KiteDemo\Content, and delete any files not in use with the engine (engine dependant files are the Collections and Developers folders, but if they are deleted they will be regenerated upon startup).

If you arn’t comfortable with trying this out in-case you wreck some systems because you didn’t follow up on what was being deleted, clone your project so you have a back-up

I usually added all my assets to a single project and then migrate the persistence level, once done, to a blank project. This process will only migrate the assets used in the current project scene and from there consolidate all of the working assets under the map>environment folder.

Oh wow, a easy fool proof way of doing this, cheers

right, fixed re-directors and deleted all of starter content. But when you close the project, and open it back up again, UE4 adds the started content back into the project folder automatically. How do you stop this?

Ianman446 - I was having the same issue. I found inside of Config/DefaultGame.ini there were some startup actions


I removed the entire section of [Startup] (which only contained the two lines above) and it finally stopped adding the content back.

That’s similar to what I do. I have three projects: Assets, Systems( for blueprinting weather, exploding barrels, gameplay elements – whatever ) and then a main project.

That way I can do whatever in the first two, trial and error things, and only then do I migrate them to the final main project. Keeps things clean and organised for me.

@Spanky - Holy cow, this will save me lots of disk space, now that I can remove the auto install of the Insert packs. Thanks man!

Thank you, this worked on 4.23

[QUOTE = Spanky; n901423]
Ianman446-我遇到了同樣的問題。我發現Config / DefaultGame.ini內部有一些啟動動作

InsertPack =(…)

我刪除了啟動]的整個部分(僅包含上面的兩行),最後它停止了添加內容。 /引用]