How to remove 'spacebar' key press dependency in Infiltrator Demo?

I’m trying to remove the key press dependency in the Infiltrator Demo, which requires the user to press Space before the demo will begin.

I found ‘TexRenderActor’ in World Outliner, which I presume renders the ‘Press spacebar to start the demo’ on screen. I also found the ‘Space Bar’ object in the Event Graph (see attached image). I see that Space Bar is connected to a ‘Remote Event’ that has an Event Name ‘Play’. Upon a first glance, this Remote Event does not appear to be connected to anything. However, it seems I should be at the right place since if I delete the Space Bar object, the demo will no longer start with a space key press.

What do I need to change to make the demo start right away? Do I need to ‘force’ some kind of input in the Remote Event in place of key press? Or do I need to replace the Remote Event entirely with something else?

I had the same problem, and I’m also new to the Unreal Engine. A simple solution I found was to connect the output of “Set Actor Hidden In Game” to the remote event, since that’s triggered by Event BeginPlay, which in turn is triggered as soon as the demo starts. So long as one of the inputs into the remote event is true on startup, the demo should skip the space bar request and start immediately.