How to remove same vectors from array?

Hi, Like in the question anybody knows how to remove the same vectors from array and make them in row from 0 to length.

Thanks for help

First part is


For the second, do you mean sort by vector length?

I mean. I have array of vectors and few of those vectors has the same location so I want to remove othere vectors with the same locations and lieave only one ( like merge in blender). then make tem in the row - if i remove them I dont’ want to have empty spaces in array in array.
Thanks for help

What I mean is:

I’m pretty sure ue4 arrays don’t allow for empty spaces right? If you remove something it will just snap everything in front of it back 1 space.
But what if you check the vector before you put it into the array to begin with. Loop through every value, Get from array, and compare your current vector to all the other vectors in the array.
And if you want to sort by a float(length) then research the “bubble sort”.