How to remove lobby widgets for all clients on server travel?


What I have tried so far:

  • Begin play in transition map
  • Player controller begin play, works but need to have it removed as soon as the server travel starts.
  • Cast to lobby game mode from lobby widget (Multicast remove all widgets)

You may want to try this one

In case you might be interested in, there is a full playlist of tutorials from Epic Games with project for download here GitHub - IsaacDexter/Blueprint-Multiplayer: This project, built in UE4, showcase network capability, with the option to create or join a server over LAN or Steam Multiplayer. This then places into a lobby where characters can choose a character, the host can kick players, select an arena, and begin the game. Then both players are transported to the arena of choice where they can use chat to communicate. This project was completed in Janurary 2020.

[Blueprint Multiplayer: Project Overview | 01 | v4.11 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube]