How to remove ironsight from Shooter Game Example?

I want to create a shooter game in UE4, but I don’t want it to have ironsights, how would I be able to remove it? What code file would it be in to modify?

Also how would I move the position of the gun and move it upwards?

Sorry this is such a late reply, I jut stumbled onto this question and figured I could answer it as best as I could. I’m sure you have already found your answer, but just in case you are still having trouble: To move the gun upwards, you need to go into the components tab in the “PlayerPawn” blueprint, and just move the first person arms until you are happy with the position. As for modifying the gun itself, it would depend completely on how the gun was made, if they used an attachment system on the weapon, then you could probably just use the “//” or “/*” in visual studio to remove the attachment that you don’t want. That probably won’t work, seeing as there is no code for an attachment system in the Shooter Example project (That I am aware of), so if there isn’t an attachment system (which i’m pretty sure there isn’t) then you would need to edit the model to have no sights, and import it back with all the same bones as the gun originally had. I hope I was able to help :slight_smile: