How to remove/hide a section of LOD of static mesh in ue4

I want to hide/remove a section of LOD of a static mesh dynamically.

Here is the static mesh:

I want to remove/hide section 4 that is the side panel of the PC case.

I want to remove/hide the side panel of the PC case dynamically by click a button so that i get PC case opened. Any idea how to achieve it? Thanks!

It would be much easier if you just hid the mesh.

Make the PC out of a box mesh and the side. Then you can just hide the side.

Thanks! I used actor blueprint, imported all the static meshes there and used the blueprint. I could get any static mesh component and modify them as wish.

Hi, is there any way to do this by customizing the static mesh editor?
I tried this by deleting the LOD section from static mesh’s render data, but I cannot save the changes.