How to remove google play services from my game?

Enable google play support and Include AdMob support for ads are disabled in my project. All other settings in google play section are empty. But for some reason I see the following lines in the build log:

LogPlayLevel: AARImports:, play-services-auth, 11.8.0
LogPlayLevel: AARImports:, play-services-games, 11.8.0
LogPlayLevel: AARImports:, play-services-nearby, 11.8.0
LogPlayLevel: AARImports:, play-services-plus, 11.8.0

Is it a bug? Is it possible to remove (or update) these dependencies without editing something in the engine folder?

Hello? Is anyone alive?
No, really, if it’s not possible, just say it.
Is it save to remove these services from aar-imports.txt?

Have you perhaps removed any Android plugins related to these imports?